Spring Run Off Observations

Thursday May 3rd

Thursday was an adventure-filled day to remember, and one that reminded us of the value of place-based learning. As we crossed the musical bridge, we observed that Peterson Creek had the highest flow levels we’ve seen yet this Spring. As we made our way down the winding trail to Curly Willow Bend that became even more apparent as parts of the trail were beginning to flow over with water. Luckily this week we could still get by, but when we arrived at our usual crossing we found our bridge to be all together gone – “it’s too creeky” EF exclaimed! After a brief discussion about whether or not our place was safe to play in and how it might be safe to cross the creek today our group found another way, over the car bridge, down the road to get into Curly Willow Bend.
The children couldn’t get their packs off fast enough, because there was something drastically different about this place today!

A new, smaller creek had formed right alongside our den. The children quickly set to work finding ways to cross over to the ‘island’ and into the den, gathering sticks and rocks to make bridges just as they had seen their teachers do. In an attempt to keep feel slightly drier Ms. Ashley and Ms. Krystal built some log bridges as well. A handline was added to one of our crossings to take our previous ropes exploration to the next level – CS was beyond proud of his skills, and PA got to work on her bridge and water courage too!

A squirrel dropped out of the tree tops and jumped from tree to tree right above where the children were playing. We are so lucky to have these special creatures in our woods who always give the children ample opportunity to slow down and have a look. RH and JH followed the first furry friend across our site and to the edge of the creek while the others got a visit from two more squirrels checking us out!

Time flies when you’re having fun in the water, and it wasn’t long before we sat down for snack and a chance to reminisce about our favorite parts of the morning. FJ liked “stopping the creek” today, and NS loved being a bear! Our our journey back to the yellow gate we noticed how much warmer it was than when we started and how many different leaves were appearing along the water’s edge.

Next week we will explore some of those leaves and learn a little more while we play!

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