Slowing Down and Seeing More

Our group is getting very good at slower nature walks that allow us to notice things around us first thing in the morning and today really put that to the test! We started the day with the Forest Song for when the people are gone. We transformed into a herd of quiet deer who moved, so quiet, attentive, listening and ready to be quick. We noticed the river was lower, the grass was high, and there were beautiful new flax and rose flowers on our sandy digging hill. CS couldn’t believe that no more water overflowed on the trail as we crossed the bridge and traveled North down to the creek bed.

North bank is a rocky beach and so naturally, throwing rocks was the first chosen activity and making mud wasn’t far behind. What once was water became burning hot lava as EF, NS, and CD hauled bucket loads out of the creek. EF requested a treasure map so Miss Krystal provided him with supplies to make one which inspired RH and PA to join in. Soon most of the children were drawing and colouring along side Miss Krystal who was drawing the flax flower we had seen earlier in the day. It was recognized by all of the children and their drawings soon turned to flowers. CS impressed us all with his large circles and fine motor skills. JH worked very hard to cover every part of her paper with colour with a purpose and intent many art teachers would admire. NS’s picture became a secret treasure map that he used to discover a treasure buried beneath the lava. Some children noticed a squirrel drop down out of the tree tops to get a closer look at what these kids were up to and when the squirrel returned at snack time everyone got a chance to say hello. 

We had a very special visitor at snack today, someone many of the children know, Miss Krystal’s friend Wildflower popped in for a visit. Wildflower knows lots of songs and she taught us to sing a fun Sun Song and a silly caterpillar song to help keep our human caterpillar together on the long walk back to the yellow gate. All in all a peaceful, sunny day at North Bank, even with the loss of a couple mud kitchen supplies down the small but fast Peterson Creek. 

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