Saying Goodbye and Thank you.

This week we invited parents and guardians to join us on our adventure. We are so grateful to have these opportunities with your little ones it is a joy we love to share. The children were eager to show their parents the spaces we’ve visited, the games they’ve played and mishaps they recovered from. Sharing put a big proud smile on every child’s face and watching the parents enter play at their level was such a treat! Slipping and sliding down the hill, wolf howling loud to our friends across the way, and racing through fir forest in our biggest tree tag game yet, were all opportunities for the kids to lead the way and demonstrate wholeheartedly all that they have learned.

Three of our adventurers will go off to kindergarten in the fall and won’t be returning to our preschool group. Which meant they joined with their parents and Ms.Krystal for a graduation hike to the “top” of Peterson Creek. From Fir Forest below the little group journeyed up to West Tower on Bridge Trail and then onto a new trail that would take them above the overpass and all the way to Upper Sahali. As the two of the boys climbed with relative ease what would have been an impossible hike a year ago one of our friends conquered a new challenge, a fear of heights. He stuck like glue to Ms.Krystal as he climbed higher and higher further and further from the safe comfortable valley bottom he left below.

With each switchback the kids could look down on their friends playing below. At one point they saw the whole group gathered at the base of the big fallen pine and howling with all their might up at them. We took a moment to stop and answer our pack’s call before venturing round the next bend.

Over the crest of one more hill and the boys noticed that they were now above the over pass. Ms.Krystal pointed out the parking lot and yellow gate as a landmark from which the boys then saw bridges, fields and the main trail, not to mention the group below who were now settling down for snack. The boys too shared a snack at the top of the hill and were presented with their graduation presents, a small photo album of their outdoor adventures.

Back at the bottom we challenged the parents to a game of tree tag and when we’d tuckered everyone one we brought them up one last hill to explore East Tower. On the way up someone’s eagle eyes spotted movement in the grass along side the trail…..a large corn snake was doing his best to stay out of the way of all those feet! Many folks got a good look but he slipped into a hole in the side of the hill and out of sight. Which answers one of our questions…..who lives in those holes we see all over?

We’ll miss our graduating friends so much, but know that as ‘big birds’ now they’ll continue to lead the way and inspire those yet to come. We’ll speak of them often, visit them too, and continue to play in this beautiful place that has helped us all to grow. We know ourselves and our strengths better, we’re connected with the growth and change around us, we’re at peace with the flow of our days, and draw strength and inspiration from the earth beneath our feet.

Thank you for each and every one of you that have helped make this Spring session such a nourishing and fulfilling experience for all! We hope the fun adventures and learning will carry on throughout the summer months, and we’ll look forward to resuming our play again in the Fall.

Wishing you all a nature-inspiration-filled Summer! Get outside and do some good!



Miss Ashley and Miss Krystal


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