Return to Cottonwood Forest

Tuesday April 24th brought us Spring in full swing at Sprouting Knowledge. As we walked across the musical bridge we noticed last weeks buds have started to open into lovely green leaves and EF observed Peterson Creek to be lower than it had been in our few weeks prior.
The whole group was excited to make our way a little further South today, towards the much anticipated Cottonwood Forest (only a few children have been here before). At snakes rocks half the group took the upper trail, and a brave crew adventured toward the lower, we decided we would be as quiet as possible to try and spot any small mammals and their homes throughout the juniper and forest underbrush.Arriving at Cottonwood forest at last, after a long hiatus to allow for regrowth of the underbrush, felt a bit like entering a magical Fairy land, which had SR beyond excited! The boys in the group immediately noticed the wide open space to run, and an almost perfect race track circle around the area – in FJ words – “on the dirt, then on the grass, on the dirt, then on the grass”, makes for the perfect running track! SR and AL busied themselves with scarves, shakers, and miscellaneous fun supplies, while MD got creative colouring the cottonwood trees. Much sharing was observed with polite requests for turns and thank-you’s among MD, JH, AL and SR all morning long. The positive group dynamics has not gone by unnoticed by our leaders these days!

IB stayed close to the Juniper tree throughout the morning, letting others come and go as they pleased. The imaginary world this space brings out for her, will remain hers alone.

Much to clean up by the time snack time came around, as ropes, pulleys, scarves, buckets and crayons were all strewn about by this active and busy morning. Our day came to a close with an exuberant game of Foxes and Rabbits (hide and find) with 11 little creatures all around the Juniper, near to the bridge, behind the trees, and under all sorts of creatury crawl spaces. All of this busy activity, combined with sunshine and warmer weather (22 degrees today!), has us all excited to return to Cottonwood Forest again soon. Till next week!

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