Why we all should be doing an Ecological Impact Assessment

As I move towards a consultant space I engage in conversations with thoughtful educators who can be dismissive of the importance of the assessment tools that are (or should be) a part of outdoor education. While our relatively small groups of children using natural spaces as classrooms and playgrounds has much less impact than a … Read more

Teaching Children about Picking Flowers

I saw Arrowleaf Balsamroot flowers in bloom on Friday during my afternoon hike. The appearance of this common wildflower is my cue to remind families to teach their children to not pick wildflowers. One of the hills where we play has a remarkable population of blue flax flowers. These flowers are extremely fragile and last … Read more

Plants of Peterson Creek

From the top to bottom of the forest here are some of the most commonly found and easy to identify flora growing in Peterson Creek in Kamloops BC. This article is a work in progress and updates are welcome. Overstory/Canopy Layer Ponderosa Pine Douglas Fir Black Cottonwood Rocky Mountain Juniper Russian Olive Mountain Ash Willow … Read more