Replacement Kit List

One good thing that has come of this unfortunate event is that I’ve been shown what a kind and supportive community of families surrounds Sprouting Knowledge.

Thank you. Matthia and I are so very grateful.
Many people have asked what was in our bags so they could see if they have things that would be helpful to donate.

Below is a list of items that were in our packs.
I will update it as donations come in.

  • 2 wool blankets (Thank you Claudia)
  • 2 medium-large backpacks (Thank you Erin & Elaine)
  • 2 family size first aid kits (Thank you Brent & Christina)
  • Lightweight fabric for building forts
  • Brightly coloured paracord – various lengths (Thank you Erin)
  • 3 metal ice cream scoops (ordered – thank you Wendy)
  • 3 metal bulk scoops (ordered – thank you Wendy)
  • 6 metal bowls (thrifted – thank you VV)
  • 2 mini muffin tins
  • 4 pulleys (Thank you Erin)
  • Field guides
    • 4 Animal Tracks
    • 4 Bugs & Slugs
    • 4 Desert Plants
  • Forest stuffed animals
    • beaver (thank you Jenn)
    • bear (thrifted)
    • raccoon
    • skunk
  • Back up lothes
    • base layer (thank you Jenn & Erin)
    • rain pants (Thank you Facebook Marketplace 🙂
    • fleece layer (thank you Jenn, Erin & VV)
    • mittens (thank you Jenn, Erin & I had some more spares)
    • hats (thank you Jenn)
  • 12-16 pairs wool snack mittens (maybe sewn by Maggie’s Mom & me?)
  • Hand washing spray bottle
  • medium thermos
  • 6-8 reflective arm bands
  • towel

And many other small items I’m probably forgetting like our birthday kit and spare bags, elastics, etc.
Most of these things were in lightweight bags to help keep them sorted, if you have simple stuff sacks you are not using we’d find them very helpful!

Thank you so much to Michael & Beth, Jesse, Remy, Jessica, Faith, Wendy and Amy who all donated cash that we can put toward purchasing new items.