Rain, puddles, mud and magic

Today was a cloudy, drizzly day which meant that our newfound hideout under the huge Willow tree in North Bank was the perfect place to be! FJ conjured up a train to get us all there, with him and SH hand in hand playing the slow rear engine the whole way there!  Many stops were made to let passengers on and off at all our favorite spots and to clean up the creek a bit as we went, but eventually we made it across the low road and into the grassy field at the foot of the willow.

Once the teachers made sure the space was safe, we crawled in under the swaying branches and all-together disappeared to the outside world, leaving only our backpacks on the outside as a sign of our presence. Inside the willow the creek flows quickly and the tree bows swayed as we hung tarps and engaged in rope play. CD found a palm sized slug which became a highlight of the morning for the older boys as they worked to build him a cozy home and read him sluggy, slimy bedtime stories. NS fished with a Russian Olive branch, and SH played Peek a Boo in the snack tarp as it swayed in the rustling willow leaves.

The kids are getting protective of nature these days it seems as cries of “You’re gonna kill the tree” stopped a few from playing too rough on one of the bows, and lengthy conversations were had about how to keep the slug alive and not bury him in his newly built muddy home. Nature stewards in the making – and their teachers couldn’t be more proud!

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