Rabbit Small World

Can you make a home for this rabbit and their family in your backyard or a box?
Where might they like to live?

rabbit small world

The rabbit in Peterson Creek lives in the hillside just below the musical bridge. If you look over the edges you can often see his trail. He hops through the grassy field when everyone is at home for the day. He hops far from his house, always mindful of the owl who also watches the field.

What do you know about rabbits?
What do they like to eat?
Where do they live?
Do they have lots of babies or just one?

You will need:

  • Rabbit
  • Items from your nature treasure hunt – rocks, pine cones, flowers
  • Magic Door

To the Grown Up

Small world play is a big developmental step for young children and they may need some support to get there. The purpose of this prompt is to begin building their imaginative skills and engage your child in a playful world of their own creation.

Questions to deepen play:

Can you dig them a burrow? (if digging is permitted)

What kinds of things might you add to their home?

Who lives next door to the rabbit?

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