Putting on the k

June has been such a special time in our favourite Peterson Creek Park! The creek babbles away back to normal levels, the flowers are out, and the trees in full bloom and cover. Our every morning musical bridge has a full canopy shading it and bringing out the magic of the place even more! Our 1.1km journey to South Bank saw us crawl like beavers through the thick grown Juniper on the lower paths, stroll quietly like deer under the tall wide Hawthorn tree, bounce around the big Willows by the creekbed like foxes, take a quick detour to see the tall Cottonwood that fell into the creek earlier this Spring, and finally meander like bears through Fir Forest and down into our beloved South Bank creekbed. Our morning forest song continues to be a great way to put ourselves in the animals shoes, and really connect with what’s around us!

Our two oldest children were away today which gave the younger ones opportunity to get creative with their own types of play. MS quickly returned to the steep bank he had been climbing the week prior and ensured that the teachers were witness to his progress of making it to the top. He did indeed figure out how to get higher! A continuation of our loose parts conversation from previous weeks meant we left the fun bag closed up and encouraged the group to only use what they saw around them as toys.  Several children already had sticks they were imaging to be various objects and a few others had narratives behind their efforts to throw rocks in the creek. “I’m moving this boulder so the water has to go around it.” This inspired a budding friendship between CS and IB who played with sticks in the creekbed for quite some time. After checking in with Miss Krystal and Ashley several times about the mud kitchen AL and SR created their own game of finding animals and SR tried out being a leader by enthusiastically shouting “Let’s GO!” and making up a hide and find game with a painted rock her friend had brought. MS showed his determination by battling a big strong root he really wanted out of the ground, and AL learned what’s in the water by scooping it out of the creek by the plastic bagful! JH pondered how to build a birds nest in the crook of a tree after being given a stick Miss Krystal had whittled into a little bird. 

As an additional adventure back to the yellow gate we took the high road and traveled along Sumac Ridge Trail to where it connected to Bridge Trail. Miss Krystal and the kids pulled dalmation toadflax along the way taking advantage of the softer ground brought on by the rain we had over the weekend. Ms. Krystal returned the next day to finish the job and pulled a LOT of knapweed from the North end of Bridge Trail.

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