Pebble Scaping

Building on our playscaping skills we can also use rocks and pebbles to add to our world.

Do you have a collection of rocks in your yard somewhere? Maybe there is somewhere you can find rocks. A couple weeks ago I build a bear cave out of large rocks over the course of the week. Stacking rocks takes a lot of patience and careful concentration. It doesn’t always work the first time.

Here are some ideas for things you can add to your world with rocks:

To the grownups:

At outdoor preschool I’ve added a small world play set and mat to the toys I’m hauling around in my wagon. I really love small world play and find it is a beautiful and valuable way for children to process emotions and experiences.
But like anything creating small worlds is a skill that must be built upon.

For more ideas getting started building with rocks head on over to Kid Activities blog and check out Tricia’s post.

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