Make a Map

Now that you have gotten to know your backyard really really well I wonder if you could make a map of it?

We might use these maps later to hide some treasure so feel free to make lots of maps and try again if you don’t like it.

I’ve probably drawn hundreds of maps in my life time and some of them went straight in the trash while some of them we used for our scavenger hunt games.

You will need:

  • Piece of paper
  • Pencil
  • A clipboard or hard surface to draw on
  1. Sit in your backyard facing North.
    If you don’t know where North is ask your grownup to help you find the direction the North Thompson River flows from. In Kamloops that’s North.
  2. Draw an arrow pointed straight up in the top right corner of your map and put an N on the top of it.
  3. Draw a circle on your map where ever there are big trees.
  4. Draw squares where ever there are buildings like sheds or playhouses.
  5. Draw a triangle where your favorite things are in the yard.
    Maybe you built your fort next to your shed, put a triangle there. Maybe you have a place you like to dig, put a triangle there.
  6. Draw a flower everywhere your bee found something yummy to sniff.

When you are done your map find something to hide for your grownup. Maybe it’s a stuffed animal or a plastic animal or a truck. Something a little bit small.

Put an X on your map where you hid the treasure.

Now see if your grownup can read your map and find the treasure!

To the grownups:

Older siblings will LOVE to help make very detailed maps so they can join in on the fun.

You can keep the fun going by making your own map of your backyard. Just follow the same instructions above. The key is including any large obvious landmarks to help give your child a reference point.

Add to the excitement by hiding the map somewhere mysterious like in a bottle or rolled up with a ribbon around it.

Hide a treasure for them to find and mark the spot on the ground and on the map. A couple sticks will do. Keen nature eyes will spot the x that might be missed at first glance. Remember we are sneakily building skills here 😉

If your child is allowed to dig in their yard feel free to bury that treasure. Not much beats the excitement of a shovel hitting something hidden below.

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