An Invitation to Create

To the grown-up:

When setting up an invitation it is important that all the materials needed to create are easily available, accessible and asthetically pleasing.
The setup should invite your child into the activity.

You can arrange the items on a large plate or if you have a tray with dividers that also works (think ice cube trays or acrylic make-up trays).

You Will Need:

  • Card stock paper shapes – separated into categories
  • Additional coloured card stock or construction paper
  • Felts or crayons
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Heavy art paper to glue creations onto

Arrange the materials in an organized and tidy manner. Use the beautiful image by Gabriela Sa below as inspiration for your child.

Lafarufas - Gabriela Sá
Lafarufas by Gabriela Sa

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