Forging Friendships in Fir Forest

Fir Forest was not only our destination, but also very much a theme for our play today. The kids are now embracing our early morning Forest Song, and IB was so excited to sing along and pick which animal we were to be today – rabbits and bears are always on the list! It gets us on all fours and feeling and sensing what nature brings us each day.

Once we arrived at our destination, play became all about finding the natural toys and tools around us. EF, CS, and JH tested their strength and throwing arms by tossing the biggest rocks they could find down into the creek, while MS and FJ worked hard at tieing ropes to branches and pulling them all the way up the big hill, “ I like BIG sticks, I only carry BIG sticks” FJ exclaimed! Using all these natural tools, JH coordinated some serious teamwork getting everyone up the climbing hill, and MD was his ever helpful self building better friendships by the day.

At snack time we listened to the sounds of the forest, and compared leaves between our beautiful Maple and Cottonwood trees that surround us. After snack Miss Krystal brought all our forest toys together to create a mix and match scavenger hunt of Fir cones, pine cones, cottonwood branches, and much much more. Everyone rushed through the forest to find the matching pieces, and got eager to practice our naturalist identification skills. The knowledge, recognition, and memory of these kids impresses us every single day!

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