Fabric Hammocks

Lots of you little ones will have memories of Miss Krystal tying hammocks in our play sites. This week I wonder if you can find a place you can tie one in your backyard? You will need to find two sturdy trees at least your whole arms width apart or a little farther. Or if you have a big tree you can try tying your hammock into it’s branches like we did.

You will need:

  • a grown-up (to reach branches and tie knots)
  • two large trees or branches (at least an arms length apart)
  • a piece of fabric as long as a child (a sheet, a tarp, table cloth. Lots of things will work)
  • two lengths of para cord

To the grown up:

One of the most versatile things you can have in a toy box is a lightweight sheet of fabric. It can be a roof or a wall, a bed or a blanket, a cape or a creek; the possibilities are only limited by your imagination…..and knot tying abilities…. and maybe your willingness to wreck the fabric.

But seriously an old bed sheet, a ground tarp that’s lost it’s water proofing, a piece of fabric, an old shower curtain, any of these things is fort fodder and worth a spot in your toy collection.

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