Egg Carton Flowers

This idea came from a gift I was given by a student several years ago.
She gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers on sticks she had painted herself. Her mom said she did almost the whole thing on her own completely of her own inspiration!

My daughter and I often talk about how adults are so incredibly un-creative it causes massive problems in the world. She’s not wrong :/

You will need:

  • Straight sticks (these are the stems)
  • Egg cartons (cut up into just the cups)
  • Water colour paint
  • Paint brush


  • Beads
  • White glue
  • Card stock

To the grown up:

Lay the egg cartons, paint and optional supplies out in a prepped area for your little one to create and explore freely.

Once the egg cartons are painted, poke a hole in the middle of the bottom of a cup and poke the stick through the end. It will wobble a little and that’s ok. Flowers are delicate 🙂

Many of the images I saw on the internet used pipe cleaners for stems but I really like the sticks better.

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