Detours and Different Days

Not every day begins the same, and this Tuesday was that kind of day! For some mysterious reason our yellow park gate was closed this morning, so us early arrivals had to walk the length of the road to get to our usual meeting spot, extended our daily hike by a lot for little legs! 

The second adventure came when we crossed paths with a grade 9 visual art class from KSA who were building nature art sculptures in our play site. The kids were very curious by the teenager’s activity in ‘their’ play areas and were inspired to create their own sculptures. The group collaborated to drag a large branch all the way from Willow’s bend to Fir Forest so that it could be used in a sculpture. Art became a theme for the day, and we adjusted our boundaries to keep us out of the big kids way. A beautiful group picture was made by Miss Krystal and the kids using sticks and rocks and flowers as the sun, and FJ, IB, and MD had lots of fun exploring a new big hill trail with Miss Ashley. Popcorn was made with sand and the FJ delivery truck made sure it got to the movie theater on time!

At snack we enjoyed the shade and the company of a tickly green caterpillar, while Miss Ashley told her mistaken identity story about an owl who turned out to be a dove.

Once the teenagers were gone the kids got their own turn to view and then add to the art they’d left behind, and the pinecones left on our fallen tree root will hopefully stay for a while. Fir Forest sure saw a lot of action today!

~ Miss Ashley

A Note from our Director:

Today was a wonderful example of how forest school balances teacher led and child led activities in a session. Almost all of the activity from today was inspired entirely by the children’s interests. The teachers led the children safely through the forest and created boundaries for them inside of which the children were free to explore and investigate. Building self confidence and a willingness to learn!

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