Climbing Trees Builds Brains

Thursday, April 26th was a beautiful, sunny day that inspired our venture down into the Curly Willow Bend, to discover how Spring was unfolding there. After some quick bridge repairs, the whole group got to test our balance one by one, using bear crawls and limbs as needed. PA was very brave and got her first chance to cross one of our self-constructed bridges across the creek!

The big bendy curly willow was looking beautifully budded as AL and PA got to learn how this special place got it’s name.

The space inspired lots of cooperation and agility while at least 5 kids climbed their way up high on a few solid snags. CD, CS, and NS tried their hand with some fishing lines (ropes on sticks). Gratefully only one line was lost to the currents – Oops! But not to worry, CD stayed dry and safe and sound, if a little sad.

On drier ground nearby, JH helped Miss Krystal repair our den, while AL and IB cooked up some tasty worm pies! (real live worms included 🙂

Life seems busy and bustling these days down at Curly Willow Bend, and we can’t wait to get back next week!


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