Climbing Hills and Trees

Ponderosa Palace felt about that big today once we made our way over the big hill and tucked our things under the big nurse Pine. As our Thursday group gains confidence and independence, we take up more and more space to roam, and each child selects their own preferred mode of play. AL lived true to her dad’s words by showing off her impressive climbing ability on the big Ponderosa, and even stayed tough and brave when her climb down caused a bit of a scrape. NS also took his turn at the climb when he craved a little quiet time on his own later on.

PA worked hard on her down climbing ability as she made it down into the sandy ditch to join the others who were hard at work digging, excavating, climbing, and even renaming our play place “Dusty Palace” instead. Definitely suitable for a dirt filled day like today! And who knew that a handful of dirt could make your friends instantly Freeze on the spot? – well today it did as FJ, EF, and CS made up the rules of the game themselves. NS and CD took some time aside to draw leaves and stems and flowers with Miss Krystal, before a big-group running game brought everyone down into the long green grass! When the energy gets high, there’s inevitably a little rough and tumble play between the boys, while each child explores their boundaries and learns to express their feelings along the way. All part and parcel of the learning process unfolding here at Sprouting Knowledge.

Our wide open trail down the hill gave us the perfect chance to finish off the day with a much enjoyed game of Tree Tag, a new game addition that is sure to become a regular thing as we move to each new place. Want to know the rules? – Ask your child to “grab a Pine! A Cottonwood! or even a Russian Olive!” 🙂

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