School Starting Age: The Evidence

Here is an article published by the University of Cambridge which discusses the advantages of starting formal schooling later and delaying literacy lessons until the age of 7. We tend to agree and that is why our preschool programs include children age 5 and 6. Studies have compared groups of children in New Zealand who […]

Re-Thinking the Colorful Kindergarten Classroom

The space we inhabit on a daily basis leaves a deep impression upon our psyches. How calm or busy this environment is can say much about our inner lives though for most of us we don’t even notice it. One of the most significant differences of a Waldorf classroom is the quality contained within the space. […]

The Slow Fix

We live in a fast-forward world. We’re stressed out, maxed out and exhausted. Michael talks to Carl Honoré, author of the “The Slow Fix” about how to embrace our inner tortoise without rejecting our inner hare.

Delaying Kindergarten creates smarter kids

nursery_1958606cFormal schooling should be delayed by at least 12 months because an over-emphasis on the three-Rs at an early age can cause significant long-term damage to bright children, according to a leading academic.


Pupils should not be subjected to full classroom tuition until the age of six to off-set the effects of premature “adultification”, it was claimed. Read more about Delaying Kindergarten creates smarter kids

Playing with purpose

A trip to the store becomes so much more when you take a little extra time and go at the right time! Go when your child isn’t tired or hungry Talk to your child about what you need and what you are passing. Let them touch the cold milk, the warm deli case, the furry […]

Creating Crafts with Toddlers

Often parents and caregivers do not think of crafts and toddlers as being the greatest idea. But crafting with a toddler can be a wonderful opportunity to build on their fine motor skills even if the result is just a sticky glob of paper and glue. The act of picking up a piece of paper […]

Games to Play with Toddlers

Our generation is often referred to as the ‘TV generation’ and we are in danger of raising our kids to follow in our sedentary footsteps. Physical activity isn’t just good for you, it also makes kids tired and gives them an appetite (What parent doesn’t have troubles with meals and bedtime?). So there are lots […]

Little Toddlers 12-24 Months

Teetering & Talking A whole new world has opened up for your young toddler in the past few months. A little personality has emerged and grown from the tiny person you once held so gently in your arms. In the next year they will learn to communicate with you through gestures and words. They will […]

The Perils of Potty Training

We in the western world are living in a disposable diaper culture, while cloth diapers are making a comeback the vast majority of children are in disposable diapers. The biggest problem that you will encounter because of disposable is that it isn’t a big deal to be wet. Your toddler knows he’s wet. He knows […]