Borax Crystal Snowflake Ornaments

Borax Crystal Snowflake Ornaments You will need: Your pipe cleaner snowflake3 tbsp Borax1 cup boiling waterA skewer or long stickString These adorable snowflakes were made by Go Science Kids Please be aware that Borax is slightly caustic so be careful with the solution and don’t lick your fingers! Watch how to make them with the … Read more

WorkSafe Staff Policies

Daily Health Assessment Staff are not to come to work if you: Have travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days. Have been identified by Public Health as a close contact of someone with COVID-19 Have been told to isolate by Public Health Are displaying any of the following new or worsening symptoms: Fever … Read more

Welcome To Forest School

Hello My name is Miss Krystal and I will be your forest school teacher in a few weeks. I have three kids, two who are really big and one who is in elementary school. His name is Finn and he comes to Forest School with me sometimes so you might get to meet him. Our … Read more