Cardboard Nature Weaving

We are going to learn to weave on a loom together!

When I was a little girl in about grade 3 I went to a summer camp where a woman with very long hair and beautiful earrings taught us how to weave with beads on a loom. I had never seen a loom of any kind before and I watched with keen interest as she carefully threaded the beads onto her needle and through the threads. As she wove row upon row of beads, a picture began to appear before our eyes and I was hooked. Weaving would forever be something that enchanted me.

There is something comforting about the simple repetition involved in weaving a thread through a loom. Back and forth, back and forth, over and under, over and under. Each new thread tucked against the others begins to make a pattern. Even if I miss a thread here or there and mess up a little it still comes out looking lovely.

You will need:

  • Your cardboard loom
  • several long thin pieces of nature
  • a bit of coloured yarn
  • scissors
  • a stick a little longer than your loom
  • some string to tie your stick to your weaving

To the grownup:

If you are needing more details instructions there is a beautiful (slow to load) post by the marvelous Jean at the Artful Parent. And for really great instructions about how to get your weaving off the loom and onto a stick you can hang on your wall head on over to Babyccino for how to get your project off the loom and add a stick so you can hang it on the wall.

If you look closely at my “finished product” you’ll see I didn’t actually tie the stick to my weaving I just stuck it through the loops. I also used masking tape to “hang” it. Still looks pretty. I might finish it one day….maybe….

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