Animal Dens & Playground

Now that you have built some different kinds of dens do you think you can make a home for some of your friends?

All done. Clara thinks it looks good!

Do you have some stuffed animals or maybe some animal figures you could bring out into the yard to play with?

Where might they like to live?

Do they need a big house or a small one?

Will all your animals have the same kind of house or will you build different ones?

You will need:

  • long straight sticks
  • pipe cleaners or wire
  • mallet for tapping
  • small blankets/napkins/tea towel

We are going to build a teepee fort for one of your animals.
An A Frame shelter for another and whatever kind of house you’d like to make.

When you are done making their houses maybe you could make them some invitations to ask them over for a backyard tea party.